Rescue Wipes
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Rescue Wipes

Rescue Wipes are designed specifically for first responders, by first responders, and provide an effective way to minimize the risk of cancer and other toxins from absorbing into the skin. Recent studies show that immediate removal of these toxic contaminants from the skin can decrease the amount of carcinogens that enter the body.

Rescue Wipes should be used to help remove soot and contamination from vulnerable skin areas when exposed to fire. Some areas of the skin are more permeable than others: specifically the face, the angle of the jaw, the neck, the throat and the groin. Wipes should be used on all affected areas of the skin immediately after exposure. Rescue Wipes can also be used to remove potentially carcinogenic debris from protective equipment.

  • The most economical wipe on the market
  • Bigger, stronger and more effective
  • Specifically formulated for First Responders
  • Only premium ingredients used to remove soot from skin and protective equipment
  • Latex free
  • Paraben free
  • MI (Methylisothaisolnone) free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Foil-lined packaging to withstand extreme environments
  • Wipes do not pull apart, do not leave residue or scent
  • The original decon wipe

Part #590004908  Package containing 40 wipes
Part #590004913  Package containing 10 wipes
Part #590003827  Box of 18 packages, each package contains 40 wipes
Part #590004845  Box of 48 packages, each package contains 10 wipes