NFPA Hood Requirements

NFPA 1971 - "Protective Clothing for Structural Fire Fighting" is the standard which sets the performance requirements of turnout gear and knitted hoods. As with gloves, it excludes special environments such as Proximity, Approach, Entry, Chemical, Radiological and Biological.

Design requirements for NFPA hoods specify the hood must contact the sides of the SCBA face piece, when worn, to cover all exposed facial areas. The hood should not interfere with the proper use of the SCBA and the SCBA face piece to face seal, or the proper use and fit of helmets according to their manufacturers' specifications.

7.14.2 Hoods shall be tested for thermal insulation as specified in Section 8.10, Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) Test, and shall have an average TPP rating of not less than 20.0.

Third Party Certification: Hoods

Most significant in NFPA standards for hoods is the requirement of third party certification. This requirement is meant to assure the fire service that the manufacturer has an ongoing program of testing its products, within the plant and in the field. A certification organization is an independent, third party organization that determines product compliance with the requirements of NFPA standards with a labelling/listing/follow-up program.

Protective garments are required to be labelled and listed with the mark of the certifying third party organization. When a manufacturer has demonstrated the ability to produce a product that complies with the requirements of the standard the certification organization authorizes the manufacturer to "list" their mark on the label. Unannounced, random visits are made twice a year to the manufacturer by the certification organization to check compliance methods.

Check your gloves and hoods to be sure they meet the current NFPA requirements and are third party certified. You wouldn't want anything less for yourself or for the men and women in your department.