ReTrak™ Series FAQs

Can I retrofit a current Bullard helmet with an integrated visor? 

No. The ReTrak Series has been completely re-engineered to offer the easiest to operate, most comfortable, best fit, and easiest to clean and replace integrated visor. This cannot be retrofitted into existing helmets.

What models of ReTrak Series Helmets are available for sale now?

The Traditional UST/USTM ReTrak helmets and Modern FX/PX ReTrak helmets are NFPA 1971 certified and available to ship now.

How does the weight compare to other Bullard helmets with face shields or goggles?

On average, the ReTrak Series Helmets are over 5 oz. lighter than a standard configuration helmet with 4" face shield, and over an ounce lighter than helmets with ESS goggles.

Can I have TrakLite® on a ReTrak Series Helmet?

Yes! TrakLite is available on the ReTrak Series Helmets—either at purchase or with a retrofit kit.

How do I remove the integrated visor from a ReTrak Series Helmet?

Simply pop the latches on the left and right side with your finger and the visor can be pulled out.

How should I clean my integrated vison?

The integrated visor in Bullard ReTrak Series helmets is easy to remove with just a finger—no extra tools or additional parts to remove. Bullard recommends mild soap and water to clean the visor and to dry off with a soft cloth to avoid scratching or dust collection