Dry Hydrant System

Maxi-Flow Dry Hydrant System

The Maxi-Flow is a system in which all of the complex elements of a dry hydrant water delivery system have been expertly engineered and built for you, bringing the construction of a dry hydrant system well within the manpower and financial resources of every fire department.

Each component of the water delivery system is sold separately. You purchase locally the straight sections of PVC pipe needed, saving money and freight. All adapters in the system are fitted, secured and vacuum tested to assure vacuum-tight joints. You can count on your custom system for years of trouble-free operation.

  • All aluminum components are hardcoat anodized
  • Swivel connections are made with 6269-T9 aluminum roller bearings
  • Adapters, caps, plugs and swivels are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum seamless extrusion (except 4.5" and 6" dry hydrant caps are cast aluminum)
  • All PVC elbows are heavy duty Schedule 40 to ASTM D2466


Dry Hydrant Adapter

Dry Hydrant Adapter
Available in 4" through 6" sizes, in all threads, and in 45, 90, or straight 180°. "O" ring seal assures vacuum tight joint. Suction strainer with removable snap ring for easy clean out.

Long Handle Dry Hydrant Adapter

Long Handled Swivel Female Dry Hydrant Adapter
Available in 4" through 6" sizes and in 45, 90, or straight 180°. "O" ring seal assures vacuum tight joint. Suction strainer with removable snap ring. All threads available on swivel except NPT. Eliminates the need for double female hook-up. NOTE: The 6" Female Swivel 90 is the most common configuration.

Dry Hydrant Cap
Available in 4" through 6" sizes. Vinyl coated stainless steel wire rope fastened to cap.

Dry Hydrant Swivel

Dry Hydrant Swivel
Available for 6" PVC only. allows full 360 degree rotation to allow access from any side. Adaptable to existing locations.

Dry Hydrant Strainer Support

Dry Hydrant Underwater Strainer Supports
Cradles and supports dry hydrant intake at proper level. 6" is all bronze construction, while 8" is aluminum construction. Two stainless steel locking screws included. 1" O.D. support pipe or rod is used for support (not furnished).

  Dry Hydrant Strainer

Dry Hydrant Underwater Strainer
Six inch diameter and approximately 40" long. 8" diameter is approximately 60" long. Strainer is made of Schedule 40 PVC to ASTM 1785. Drilled with 1,140 3/8" holes 1,840 holes for 8"'), each chamfered for high efficiency. Total strainer area is 125 square inches for 6", 200 square inches for 8". Machined square ends. Bronze, clappered end cap for back flushing on 6" strainer, while PVC on 8" strainer. 8" strainer comes with 8" x 6" reducing adapter.

90° adapter with strainer, 6" female swivel outlet, rocker lug threaded cap
90° adapter with strainer, 4" storz outlet, with cap
90° adapter with strainer, 5" storz outlet, with cap