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Back-Pack Portable Foam System

With this portable foam system every fire hose line becomes a foam line. For versatility and flexibility Scotty has nine different combinations. All units include a back-pack (BP), foam pickup hose with foam control quick connector, air aspirating nozzle with matching foam inductor, fixed and swivel connectors and D-handle ball shut-off.Check Valve

The Back Pack System can be fitted with the Variable Checkvlave foam control unit. This extra option gives the operator the ability to control the foam percentage being educted. The presets are OFF, .5%, 1% and 3%.

Portable Foam System

Part #421445100  15 gpm
Part #421445110  30 gpm
Part #421445120  50 gpm
Part #421445130  50 gpm, stubby
Part #421445140  70 gpm
Part #421445150  70 gpm, stubby
Part #421445160  70 gpm, medium expansion
Part #421445170  95 gpm
Part #421445180  70 gpm, with fog nozzle tip

Specify threads when ordering.

Variable Checkvalve

Part #221010180  15 gpm
Part #221010182  30 gpm
Part #221010184  50 gpm
Part #221010186  70 gpm
Part #221010188  95 gpm