Bladder Tank Foam Unit

Ansul Bladder Tank Foam Unit

The Ansul bladder tank is one component in a balance pressure foam proportioning system. It requires no external power other than a pressurized water system. The bladder tank may be used with any Ansul foam agent. It can be used in proportioning system incorporating single or multiple proportioners and any suitable discharge device.

Ansul bladder tanks have numerous applications including truck loading racks, aircraft hangers, dip tanks, pump rooms, helipads, etc.

Ansul bladder tanks are available in both vertical and horizontal tank models and a variety of nominal capacities as listed in the tank information tables. Both tank models feature perforated center tubes which allow improved agent discharge.

The Ansul vertical and horizontal tank assemblies are both Underwriters Laboratories listed and Factory Mutual approved with various Ansul proportioners and foam concentrates and bear the (UL) label along with an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code stamp.


  • Water pressurized bladder construction, alleviating the requirement for foam pumps or other energy sources
  • Valves that are pinned in the normal operative positions and are supplied with nameplates identifying their functions and operating instructions
  • Bladder tanks supplied with corrosion-resistant piping
  • Exterior tank surfaces finished with red standard system paint or coated with an epoxy “CR” red finish for use in marine or corrosive environments
  • Tanks with a high build epoxy coated interior for use with both fresh and salt water