Scotty Mini Monitor

Scotty Mini Monitor with Foam Tube

The Scotty 4049 is a “Mini Monitor” system that can be permanently or temporarily mounted virtually anywhere. The system consists of mounting plate, a removable pedestal base with a mounted Stainless Steel swivel tube, a threaded tube bracket, a 4080 Pistol Grip Shut-Off and a Foam Tube Nozzle. The unit will swivel 360° and tilt up to 75° above and down to 45° below the horizontal. The unit can be locked in one of seven different angles by tightening the included lock knob.

All parts are made from glass-reinforced engineering grade nylon (Ny-Glass), high-impact ABS polymer and Stainless Steel, making the 4049 extremely durable and impervious to corrosion. The 4049 Mini Monitors are designed for use with pressures between 50 and 150psi.

Also available with a Fog/Stream Nozzle