Fire Extinguisher Ball
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Frontier AFO Fire Ball

How to use a Fire Ball

Extinguishing Ball

Safe: The ball will NOT self-ignite when shaken or damaged, the outward driving force from activation of the ball does not harm fire fighter and is non-toxic to the environment. A mounting bracket is supplied if preference is to mount in fire vehicle for quick deployment or may be stored in shipping box.

How Do Fire Balls Work?

An activation or trigger strip is embedded into the ballís outer casing, which securely holds the dry fire extinguishing agent inside. When the activator or trigger is exposed to flames for more than a few seconds, the casing will burst open and disperse a cloud of chemical powder in the immediate vicinity. A fire ball can usually put out the flames in an area with a radius ranging between 4 and 5 meters

  • When activated, the dry chemical fire extinguishing agent inside the device is non-toxic and harmless to humans and animals
  • Multiple fire balls can be rolled or thrown into a large fire to help control the fire spread and get the flames to a more manageable level
  • Fire Balls are simple to dispose of when their 5-year expiration date has elapsed. The chemical agent is mono ammonium phosphate, which can be safely used as garden fertilizer when mixed with water. And its plastic or foam outer core can usually be recycled, depending on the specifications of your local recycling program.


  • Diameter: 15 cm
  • Gross Weight: 1.3-1.5kg (2.8-3.3lbs.)
  • Chemical Weight: 1.25kg (2.75lbs.)
  • Extinguising Agent: Non-Toxic Mono Ammonium Phosphate
  • Fire Rating: 1A, 5B C
  • Container: Outer Layer of Pent Foam about 11 mm thick shield by PVC film
  • Function: Flame activated

Part #590000734  Individual Fire Ball and truck mounting bracket
Part #590001119  Box of 12 Fire Balls and truck mounting brackets

NOTE: WFR will only sell the Fire Ball to Fire Departments for use by trained fire fighters, as the Fire Ball is not approved as a fire extinguisher in Canada