Introducing Avon Protection

WFR is excited to announce the addition of AVON Protection to our line of respiratory products. Avon Protection is a world leader with over 100 years of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) experience. AVON provides complete solutions for Air, Land and Sea based personnel in Military, Law Enforcement, First Responder community, Firefighting and Industrial sectors globally, which has given them the edge in new developments.

Avon Protection’s Deltair® is a completely new generation of SCBA. Designed to deliver the same ruggedness and reliability that Avon Protection puts into its other respiratory products, the Deltair® has been tested to Mil Spec (military specification) standards to ensure it meets and exceeds the tough demands required by the fire service. Firefighters need rugged, reliable and simple to use equipment; that’s why the Deltair® SCBA is designed with components providing quick donning, easy maintenance, and simple to use operational functions.

Dubbed Best in Class for:

  • Field of View
  • Comfort
  • Air Management
  • Clear Communication
  • Passive Speech Performance
  • AirSwitch Facemask
  • Heads-Up Display (HUD)

The technically advanced, yet simple to use mask design provides optically correct double curve visor with two forward pull head harness straps for ease of operation. The integrated, low profile AirSwitch™ reduces snag hazards while delivering controllable air and the positive pressure regulator allows rapid switching between ambient and cylinder air. It can be completey immersed for cleaning and is the only 2nd stage regulator that can achieve Tuberculocidal Decon in the field. The Mask Quick Disconnect allows for simple exchange of mask platforms and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.

The widest shoulder straps in the market result in ultimate comfort and are contoured to the upper body, allowing for natural pull down or forward motion for tightening in high stress situations. The naturally contoured, clam shell back frame and harness is designed for comfort & protection and rest on the user’s hips, removing added stress on the upper body. The angled gage allows for easier use and readability when outfitted with PPE, with a 3 button, chest mounted control console that includes functions for: PASS Reset/On/Off, Radio Operations and PASS Alert.

Avon Protection developed the Deltair® SCBA with a forward looking design with the ability to grow into upcoming upgrades/technologies. Designed by firefighters for firefighters, Avon Protection continues to exceed expectations with the most innovative SCBA available.