Economical Water Supply Innovations from Task Force Tips

Our partners at Task Force Tips (TFT) have never been afraid to challenge the status quo. They are continuing to develop new innovations and this time their offerings are catering towards the more budget conscious departments. Joining the G-Force family, and part of their NewForce® line, TFT is introducing a brand new Low Profile Ball Intake Valve to their roster. This high performing intake valve integrates features found in no other intake valve at such a competitive price. Fight fires, not your budget.

Delivering incredible value for critical apparatus or industrial water supply operations, this low profile intake ball provides maximum flow performance in an extremely compact package. The Low Profile Ball Intake Valve not only offers departments a more economical option with the ability to perform the same functions as other models, but has the lowest profile of any intake valve on the market today.

Does your fire hall have narrow overhead doors? Or are you constantly bumping or damaging attached intake valves while maneuvering around your apparatus? Able to fit easily into tight pump panel configurations, space is no longer an issue at only 9.65”. With newer apparatus innovations, pump panels are becoming increasingly crowded, making less room to install bulkier intake valves. With the compressed size that TFT’s new Low Profile Ball Intake Valve encompasses, making connections is easier and you no longer need to worry about the possibility of entanglements. Weighing in at only 17.5lbs, the design is the lightest low profile intake valve ever produced. Its lightweight aluminum alloy construction has two layers of corrosion resistance: hard anodized and power coated for maximum corrosion resistance, even in the harshest fire ground applications.

Operators can select pressure choices due to the integrated pressure relief valve that provides protection to hose and pumping systems from unwanted pressure spikes. This valve can be adjusted with just the use of a socket wrench or Allen key, and the swivel handle can change positions right on the floor of your fire hall. The unique ball style shutoff is unobstructed and allows the valve to remain dry when closed at all times, keeping water on the pump side. This is perfect for those cold Canadian winter days. An air bleed valve permits unwanted air to escape, simplifying water supply pumping operations. With less than 5psi loss at the rated 1250gpm flow, the Low Profile Ball Intake Valve is engineered to produce a high performance flow. The valve position indicator can be seen from a far distance so you always know whether your valve is open or closed, whether or not your flowing water. Both the valve position indicator and the slow close operation exceed all standard requirements. There is a 5 year warranty against corrosion and every product is individually serialized for tracking and continued service and technical support from TFT.

The Low Profile Ball Intake Valve has all the TFT benefits at a lower competitive price.
Part #590001199

What is NewForce®?
The Next Generation of Firefighting Nozzles: NewForce is an extension of Task Force Tips, offering their most popular products at a lower cost, all made in the USA.