Genesis eForce 2.0:
The Next Generation of Untethered Extrication

Genesis Rescue Systems, an innovation leader in cutting edge extrication equipment, released the new eForce 2.0 series of extrication tools late last year. Genesis is backed by over 75 years of international manufacturing experience in rescue tools. They are committed to bringing rescue tools into the 21st century by utilizing innovative technology and materials with an eye to operator safety. Whether it is design, manufacturing or training, Genesis demands excellence in every endeavour in order to provide rescue personnel with the most technologically advanced equipment available today. So what makes the 2.0 the “next generation in untethered extrication”?

The new 2.0 tools are lighter, faster and stronger than other competitive battery operated rescue tools in the market. All Genesis eForce 2.0 battery operated tools have a “D” handle that can be rotated 360 degrees or removed when working in confined spaces, giving you the versatility you need. With the new lightweight all-black body design, along with features such as the single finger control and dual LED lamps, it’s clear to see why so many departments have made the switch to Genesis 2.0.

Non-Proprietary Battery: The 2.0 series encompasses technology that is changing the battery powered rescue tool industry. The biggest feature of the new 2.0’s is the non-proprietary battery. Every Genesis eForce 2.0 tool uses a 28V Milwaukee commercially available battery for superior performance and lasting power. This means you can go down to your local hardware store rather than having to buy a Genesis specific battery from your WFR sales rep, making an easier and more convenient buying experience for the customer.

DID YOU KNOW? Genesis battery operated tools are the only brand of electric tools that can be reverted back to hydraulic, if you discover that’s what suits your department best. Genesis is the only company in the rescue tool market that possesses this cost-saving alternative.

NXTgen Blade Inserts: The cutting performance of any cutting blade begins with a sharp edge. It was with this thought that Genesis Rescue Systems set out to manufacture a solution to degraded cutting performance due to the rounding of the blade edge. The Genesis eForce tools are the only ones in the industry to utilize this technology. With a 2-pin design that allows for quick removal and replacement in the field, the NXTgen Blade Inserts are manufactured with unique high strength alloy that maintain the tools ability to cut Boron and UHSS without damaging expensive blades. This guarantees you get an effective tool every time, without having to break the bank.

Already bought a new set of Genesis extrication tools prior to the 2.0 release? No problem! Genesis provides customers the ability to upgrade their first generation tools to 2.0 technology. Please contact your WFR sales rep for more information.