Are You Tired of Apparatus Downtime and Expense Due to Repairs on Integrated Master Intake Valves?

Content provided by Rod Carringer, Task Force Tips

"Now, please.... don't get me wrong. The pump panel definitely looks cleaner with an MIV and our Service Dept. enjoys tearing your pump compartment apart, repairing and replacing master intake valve components. But, when an MIV fails, the apparatus is out of service, critical departmental assets are tied up, and the downtime can be not only expensive, but very frustrating..."

If you are in this situation, and truck specifications include these expensive MIV components, you now have an amazing alternative. The new Low Profile, Jumbo RC Ball Intake Valve from TFT. Here are just a few of the reasons equipment committees should consider this amazing alternative:

  1. If, and this is a big if, an operator did manage to do damage to the intake valve in some manner, it is simply removed, a cap or replacement intake valve is added to the inlet, and the apparatus remains in service while a fix is completed.
  2. The low profile of this valve series is the most compact of ANY intake valve produced.
  3. With 3psi loss at a 2000gpm flow rate, this series is all about incredible flow performance.
  4. The Swiveling Intake Elbow easily prevents unwanted flow restricting hose kinks.
  5. TFT Provides a full 10 YEAR WARRANTY against corrosion that prevents the valve's operation.
  6. The integrated Pressure Relief Valve is designed to act quickly, and is easily pre-set or shut-off if desired.
  7. The valve is easily operated from the pump panel, or manually at the pump discharge. This makes it so easy to open a curbside discharge without running to the panel to operate remotely.

So... If you are looking for an MIV alternative as part of your next apparatus purchase, we suggest you save money, as well as the long-term consequences and aggravation of apparatus downtime and continual repair expenses, and specify a TFT high performance water supply solution. With dozens of models to choose from, all TFT remote controlled intake valves include an easy to install and operate remote controller with valve position indication at no additional charge.

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