TECGEN® PPE: A Cool, Comfortable, Cutting-Edge Alternative to Turnout Gear

Expensive structural fire turnout gear provides you with great protection when responding to a call, fire & non-fire related. But why risk and potentially damage your expensive gear when fire protection is not priority? TECGEN® PPE, a Fire-Dex brand, has created an alternative to wearing turnout gear on every call because the courageous should never have to compromise. For most departments, nearly 80% of all calls are not related to structure fires. TECGEN® gear is well suited for firefighters to wear as an alternative to heavy, hot, turnout gear when they respond to non-structural calls.

When TECGEN® gear is worn for the majority of a department’s responses and traditional turnout gear is only worn for structure fire responses, the traditional turnout gear will be kept in better condition; extending its life and making better use of your investment as a department. Ultraviolet (UV) ray exposure from the sun shortens the lifespan of your gear by weakening the protective layers over time, in addition to the usual wear and tear gear will endure when used for every call. Dual-certified TECGEN® PPE is all you need for up to 80% of your calls. It’s specifically designed to stand up to the tasks most commonly performed during MVA’s, extrication and technical rescue responses; saving your valuable turnout gear from the risk of rips, contamination and UV exposure, for when you really need it most.

Focusing on protection and breathability, TECGEN® PPE offers a lightweight comfort while exceeding NFPA 1951 & 1977 standards. The breathable, single layer onstruction of this non-structural PPE helps keep you cool while also providing flame & heat protection in the event of a flash fire. You can easily perform common movements while on scene, like reaching, bending and crouching, because of its soft and flexible fabric. You get the optimal comfort you need and with the reinforced knee and elbow options, you get the same extra protection and durability you would normally only get from your traditional turnout gear.

When in your TECGEN gear, your structural gear will now be included in the list of tools you bring on your apparatus or personal vehicle when responding to a call. Planning and preparation is key and with TECGEN® PPE, you have all the right tools for every situation.