WFR Fire Cadet Camp: What Did You Learn?

On Friday, July 15th, the Redwood Meadows Fire Cadet Camp team hosted a special team building day for us at Redwood Meadows Emergency Services HQ. We brought our Calgary-based staff out so they could get a taste of what life is like training as a firefighter.

At WFR, we thoroughly train our staff, some of whom are active firefighters, on all of the technical aspects of the products we sell. However, many of our administrative/behind-the-scenes staff have never experienced personally using fire & rescue products in action. We wanted them to see things from our customers perspective and what it's like using products when put into a situation a firefighter would face.

The team at Redwood Meadows did a fantastic job prepping for our arrival, with 3 different stations set up & ready for training. Our staff participated in:

  • Firefighter survival - learning how to escape a fire via tunnel crawl, wall breach, and window bail out
  • Interior Fire Attack with their digital bullex system
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) awareness training

  • Here is what some had to say about our 3-hour training session with Redwood Meadows...

  • "I have a new appreciation for firefighters and what they do" - Kay Martin, Accounting Administrator

  • "It's a risky, life-threatening job and you need to be very physically and mentally fit to do it. Being able to think fast when you're in that kind of chaotic situation; it really depends on teamwork and communication." - Fadi Shabaneh, RFP & Truck Project Lead

  • "I learned that I do not have what it takes to be a firefighter. Having an SCBA on and climbing out of windows is definitely out of my comfort zone." - Casey Clow-Domenjoz, Warranty/Service Administrator

  • I learned a lot at the CPR & AED station; I had no idea AED's stopped your heart! I never realized how hard it was to move around in all of that gear when you're not used to it." - Dana Ingram, Service Coordinator

  • "I got a good idea of the functionality of the products and how they are used. You know, now I'm able to understand what makes good gear and what makes not-so-good gear, how firefighters use the product and whats most important when you're in the field. And of course, you need to be fit!" - Manfred Lee, Product & Procurement Lead

  • "I learned it's not a viable career option for me (haha). It was really fun and great to get a sense of appreciation for what they [firefighters] do. A lot of respect for them." - Alan Butler, Inside Sales Rep

  • "It was a lot of fun! Jumping through walls, crawling through a tunnel, putting out a fake fire, it was a blast! New found respect for them for sure." - Cameron MacLellan, Service Technician

  • "I thought firefighting was tough before we went [to Redwood Meadows], now I KNOW it's tough. Even on such a cool, rainy day, it was very hot and exerting. Definitely not a job for everyone." - Kevin Martin, Warehouse Supervisor

  • "It was very hard with all that equipment on, you need to be in very good shape. And apparently I'm a little claustrophobic!" - Pam Ingram, Sales & Customer Service Administrator

  • A big thank you goes out to everyone at Redwood Meadows Emergency Services & a special shout out to their Fire Cadet Camp team and everyone who helped teach us about the real-life obstacles of firefighting: Captian Gary Robertson, Sebastiaan Span, John Dillabough, Luke Clubb and Deputy Fire Chief George Low. It was a great learning experience and team building exercise for everyone!