What's New from FDIC 2017


The All New Ascendant Class of Aerials
from Pierce Manufacturing

Pierce Manufacturing has done it again by raising the industry standard and being the first of its kind with its all new Ascendant Class of Aerials. Pierce unveiled an additional four all-new Piece® Ascendant® aerial apparatus configurations, giving you more choice than ever before with a total of five innovative product offerings available in the Ascendant Class of Aerials:

  • Single or Tandem Rear Axle Aerial Platforms
  • The new Pierce Ascendant 110-foot single rear axle aerial platform features a remarkable 110-foot vertical reach and a 90-foot horizontal reach. The platform achieves the same tip load capacities as the Ascendant aerial ladders, while the ergonomically designed, three-person basket is rated to carry 100 lbs. of additional equipment. A single monitor located at the fly section can flow up to 1250 gpm. The Pierce Ascendant 110-foot aerial platform is also available in a tandem rear axle configuration.
  • Single or Tandem Rear Axle 107-Foot Ladders
  • The Pierce Ascendant 107-foot aerial ladder is available in singe rear axle as well as an all-new tandem rear axle configuration. Manufactured using heavy-duty 100K-psi steel, both feature tip load capacities of 750 lb. (dry) and 500 lb. (wet), a 100 lb. additional equipment allowance at the tip and 1500 gpm flow. Other features include a replaceable egress, e-coated torque box and stabilizers, and an operational range from -10º to 77º.
  • 107-Foot Tractor-Drawn Aerial

The Pierce Ascendant Class of aerial apparatus is available on a wide range of custom chassis, including the Arrow XT™, Velocity®, Impel®, Enforcer™ and Quantum®.

ReTrak™ Helmet Series Exclusively From Bullard

The ReTrak series offers emergency responders a fire helmet with an integrated visor engineered based directly on feedback from firefighters. ReTrak Features:

  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Easily accommodates eyewear
  • Increased area of protection
  • Comfort nosepiece
  • Quick removal for cleaning
  • Made in the USA

For more information, visit the ReTrak™ Helmet product page here.

Traditional UST/USTM ReTrak Helmets are now available and meet NFPA 1971/ ANSI/ISEA Z87.1+ requirements.

Tsunami RC, Vortex Smoothbore & more from Task Force Tips

Tsunami RC Industrial Monitor
The Tsunami monitor is capable of flowing 8000 gpm (30000 l/min). Waterway with turning vane has only 27 psi (1.9 bar) friction loss at 8000 gpm (30000 l/min). Elevation range is 90° above horizontal to 10° below. Field changeable elevation travel stops. Horizontal travel is 320° (160° either side of a center position). Field changeable horizontal travel stops. Dual handwheels are provided for horizontal rotation and elevation drive.

TFT Vortex Nozzle - A Smoothbore with a TWIST
A very unique, handline smooth bore that allows a pattern to be made for coverage of fuels and movement of air that does not restrict the flow, or disrupt the performance of the smooth bore stream, yet quickly and easily produces a uniformly disbursed pattern.

To view more of what's new this year from TFT, please visit this link

Defend Yourself with the Interceptor Package from Fire-Dex

This package features PPE to combat both the number one (Cancer) and number two (Heat Stress and Cardiac Fatigue) causes of firefighting related deaths. Bundled together in one economical package, this trifecta is the best defense for firefighter health:
H41 INTERCEPTOR™ HOOD - The particulate barrier H1 Interceptor Hood reduces exposure to harmful carcinogens that are known to be absorbed through the highly permeable skin on the jawline, throat and neck.
TECGEN® PPE - Dual-certified single layer garment that provides protection against both heat stress and repeated exposure to harmful carcinogens residing on turnout gear. By using this gear for non-fire related calls, the life of turnout is extended.
FXR TURNOUT GEAR - Top of the line custom FXR (Ultimate) turnout gear is lighter in weight and features our Active Posture Design (APD), minimizing stress and cardiac fatigue when fighting fires.

For more information on the Interceptor Package, please visit Introducing the Fire-Dex Interceptor Package™

C-195 NXTGEN Cutter from Genesis Rescue Systems


  • Length (in/mm) - 34.8/885
  • Width (in/mm) - 9.3/236
  • Depth (in/mm) - 9.5/241
  • Weight (lbs/kgs) - 45/20.4
  • Power Source - 28V Milwaukee Tools
  • Operating Pressure (psi/bar) - 10,000/700
  • Opening (in/mm) - 7.1/180
  • NFPA 1936 Compliant - YES
  • NFPA 1936 level Rating - A8 | B9 | C7 | D9 | E9

For more information on the Genesis eForce 2.0 C195 Cutter, please visit this link for full description and specifications

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