Coming Soon: Build Your Own Skid Package with WFR

Currently offering one of the highest quality packages in the market, you can design your own package with WFR the way you need it. Using our new online tool scheduled to launch next month, choose your options to suit your needs using our skip logic form (a feature that changes what options you see based on your previous choices) and WFR will give you a specification and quote.

The WFR Bush Buggy Skid Package contains a tank, a live hose reel and/or crosslay, and a portable fire pump with an engine. These are combined into a single one-piece assembly that can be slipped onto a truck bed used for flowing water and/or foam on a structural fire, car fire or wildfire.

Still not sure what sets us apart from the rest? Check out the diagram below...

    1) 100% poly tank baffled to meet NFPA standards with a lifetime warranty! Each tank assembly, if you choose, can have an internal foam cell. Having a foam cell incorporated in the tank assembly means you do not have to change the pick up tube over if you are running a foam tote, simply just fill the tank up.

    2) Each tank comes standard with a water sight level gauge - a sight level gauge for the foam cell can also be added.

    3) Briggs and Stratton certified pump with two year warranty, with twin impellers to provide a high pressure low volume flow.

    4) All fittings supplied are to your specifications and thread types.

    5) All fittings and valves are brass or stainless steel for a lifetime of trouble free service.

    6) All WFR units are custom made to your departmentís needs. If you do not have a full truck box available, we can build the tanks to your specifications and sizes. If a department can dream it, we can build it.

    7) Each package must complete stringent testing on the pump, foam system and hose reel.

    8) Each package is built by fire and rescue minded technicians, who know how each package should perform.

    9) Manufacturing time is 10 weeks, as our tanks are all custom ordered.

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