Master Foam Nozzle
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TFT Master Foam

The Master Foam nozzle is a simple and rugged self-educting foam nozzle with superior stream quality and reach. This fixed gallonage fog nozzle rated at 100 psi (7 bar) is available with your choice of 250, 350, 500 or 750 gpm (950, 1300, 2000, 3000 l/min). fog angle is user adjustable between 90 degree wide fog and straight stream. The nozzle's baffle is easily removed for flushing debris. The standard swivel coupling is 2.5" NH, NPSH, or BSP female threads.

The simple flow geometry (patent pending) can educt foam concentrate at .5%, 1%, 3%, or 6% with now small passages to clog. Percentage is easily set with an interchangeable orifice plate. A set of calibrated orifice plates is included. Nozzle comes with an industrial grade UV resistant 8 feet long, 1.5" diameter (2.4m x 25mm) concentrate hose with cam lock fitting for quick and secure attachment to the nozzle.

The simple and basic design requires now grease or other maintenance. The halo ring/stream shaper is made from non-corroding high temperature polymer. The rubber bumper is UV resistant. All Master Foam nozzles accept the FJ-LX-M FoamJet low expansion air-aspirating attachment.

Part #463266100  350 gpm, specify inlet threads
Part #463266120  500 gpm, specify inlet threads
Part #463266140  750 gpm, specify inlet threads