TFT Vortex Nozzle in ActionStandard Smooth Bore Stream and Smooth Bore with Pattern
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TFT Vortex Nozzle

A Smooth Bore with a TWIST

A very unique, handline smooth bore that allows a pattern to be made for coverage of fuels and movement of air that does not restrict the flow, or disrupt the performance of the smooth bore stream, yet quickly and easily produces a uniformly dispersed pattern.

  • Performs well for Compressed Air Foam Applications
  • Hydraulically no different to pump from a discharge pressure standpoint than just the smoothbore tip
  • Changing the dispersed pattern is effortless, quick and simple
  • All models are designed to work with your choice of smoothbore tips, from 0.5" up to 1.25"
  • The Tip only version can be integrated with any 1-3/8" waterway ball shut-off
  • 1.5" NPSH inlet and outlet threads standard
  • Valved models have colour coded handle covers and grips available

Part #590002188  Tip only
Part #590002187  With detent shut-off
Part #590002372  With detent shut-off and pistol grip