Core Warming Package
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Core Warming Package

Cold weather presents an array of potential physical problems for anyone who is required to work outdoors. When temperatures drop to 4°C (40°F) or below, cold weather begins to impact the function of the body’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems and influence a responder’s performance. When it is cold outside, the supplies included in Core Warming Package will help you warm up quickly and safely.

Package includes:

  • Rehab Area Heater
    Portable, freestanding 1500W radiant heater that will quickly raise the temperature of a sheltered rehab area by 15 degrees or more. 120V. Some assembly required.
  • Blanket
    Heavy, 100% polyester, gray blanket for quick warming in cold environments. Dimensions: 40" x 80". Individually wrapped. Pack of 12.
  • Emergency Warming Blankets
    Ultra light, compact Mylar™ blanket retains body heat for emergency warming. Packaged in a pocket-sized 3" x 5" x 1" wrapping. Unfolded 55" x 82". 25 blankets.
  • Change-Out Sweatshirts
    Cotton-polyester navy sweatshirts to keep warm and dry during the rehab process. Pack of 6 of each size.
  • Change-Out Sweatpants
    Cotton-polyester navy sweatpants to keep responders warm and dry during the rehab process. Pack of 6 of each size.
  • Change-Out Socks
    Wet feet are most susceptible to cold weather, and a pair of dry socks can make all the difference in being warm and comfortable. 12 pair.
  • Jersey Gloves
    Warm cold and wet hands with 100% cotton knit, 9oz. brown jersey gloves. 12 pair.
  • Stocking Caps
    Comfortable synthetic blend navy stocking caps. Pack of 6.
  • Storage Bin - 34" x 34" x 20"
    Qty 2 - Handy storage for rehab supplies. High-density polyethylene with attached hinged cover opens and closes easily for ready access. Hand grips for carrying. Non-slip bottom surface.

Part #710000349