Test Gauge Kit 2 Test Gauge Kit 3
Test Gauge Kit 2 and Test Gauge Kit 3
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Apparatus Test Gauge Kit

These Test Gauge Kits are to be used in conjunction with annual apparatus pump testing or for checking the accuracy of pump panel gauges. The TGK-3 Kit has a convenient space between the pressure and vacuum gauges. This space is for remote mounting of the pressure gauge from the Apparatus Flow Test Kit. Once mounted in the designated area, the gauges are easy to reference during a pump test. Please note that the remote assembly is required when using the TGK-3. The remote assembly includes couplings and ten feet of tubing. The gauge is not included. Additional tubing lengths are optional.

  • 36" test hoses, connect directly to underwriters test fittings
  • ±1% accurate, 3.5" diameter, freeze protected liquid filled gauges
  • 0-30", .5Hg increment vacuum and 0-300, 5 psi (34 kPa) increment pressure gauges
  • Heavy-duty carrying case
  • Certified calibrated gauges
  • TGK-3 has space for an extra gauge to be mounted
  • For proper testing, each unit is supplied with complete instructions and flow charts

Part #621630100  Test Gauge Kit 2
Part #621630105  Test Gauge Kit 3