Flow Tester
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INSIGHT Portable FlowTester

Use the INSIGHT Portable FlowTester to determine the flow and pressure capabilities of a suppression system, flow test automatic nozzles, pumpers, or hydrants, calibrate equipment, test hydrant systems, or teach hydraulics in real situations.

The INSIGHT Portable FlowTester is an instrument that will measure flow rate directly without using charts or doing calculations. The tester is designed around the FRC INSIGHT digital flow meter and a paddlewheel type flow sensor mounted in a flow tube.

The Portable FlowTester consists of a shock resistant Pelican case into which a panel is mounted containing an INSIGHT digital flow meter, a power switch, low battery indicator, and cable connections. The Pelican case also contains a rechargeable battery and an AC charger/power supply. A slot cut-out in the front panel allows for the storage of cables.

The FlowTester can be powered by its internal rechargeable 12 volt battery, a 120 VAC source, or an external 12 VDC source (with optional cable). The battery charging unit is mounted inside the box. To charge the internal battery plug the cable into the AC CHARGER input on the front panel and connect the other end to a standard 120 VAC electrical outlet.

  • Programmable for Multiple Diameter Flow Tubes
  • Totalizing Flow Function
  • High and Low Flow Warnings
  • Models for Flow and Pressure Testing with Optional Pitot Tube

The INSIGHT Portable Flow & Pressure Tester is without the totalizer function of the FlowTester, but has the added feature that it will measure static pressure.

Part #626010100  Flow meter only, 1.5" tube, 13-320 gpm, 2.5" NST couplings
Part #626010110  Flow meter only, 2" tube, 21-520 gpm, 2.5" NST couplings
Part #626010115  Flow meter only, 2.5" tube, 30-850 gpm, 2.5" NST couplings
Part #626010120  Flow meter only, 3" tube, 40-1,380 gpm, NPT male tap. threads
Part #626010135  Flow & Pressure meter, 2.5" tube, 30-850 gpm, 2.5" NST couplings
Part #626010145  Flow & Pressure meter, 3" tube, 40-1,380 gpm, 3" NPT couplings
Part #626010147  Flow & Pressure meter, 4" tube, 80-2,300 gpm, 4" NPT couplings
Adapters to local thread measurements are required. Specify threads when ordering.