WFR High Pressure Foam System
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Turbo Stream® Ultra-High Pressure Foam System

Compact and self-contained, the Turbo Stream Ultra-High Pressure Foam System produces high energy firefighting power with ease and precision. Driven by a Honda 13 hp gas engine, electric start, precise high pressure foam solution delivers rapid knockdown.

The Turbo Stream incorporates a patented foam concentrate injector system. The control module allows the operator to choose injection rates, from 0.3% to 3.0%, with unmatched accuracy, exceeding NFPA 1901 requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Delivers 8 gpm (30 L/min) of solution @ 1,400 psi (95 bar)
  • Hypro triplex plunger pump provides dependability & high pressure performance
  • Ideal for use with all Class A or B concentrates
  • Adjustable control provides unmatched accuracy over the widest range of flow
  • Dual-action spray gun delivers foam solution over 45 feet
  • Thermal relief valve prevents overheating during extended idle
  • Installs easily in new or existing apparatus
  • Control Module features:
    • Foam percentage selector
    • Injection percentage from 0.3% to 3.0%
    • Visual foam flow confirmation
  • Hose reel with 200' of high pressure 3/8" hose


  • Foam tanks available in 8, 12, 20 gallons (30, 45, 75 litres)
  • Low pressure gun tips
  • Hydraulic and belt drives available
  • Custom flows and pressures
Ideal For Use On:
  • Brush Rigs
  • ATV/RTV Utility Apparatus
  • Fast Attack Vehicles
  • Wildland Trucks

Part #223513126  Tank is available separately