Porta Slip-on Package
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Porta Slip-on™

Portable slip-on kits for grass fire and brush fire attack. Special features:

  • First of a kind, box style tank concept to replace bulky hard walled tanks
  • Complete kit components fit neatly into the carrying bag for easy storage and rapid deployment
  • The sturdy collapsible tank can be filled from either the top filler cap or by reverse flow into the discharge connection
  • Ideal for forestry and municipal fire services, or back-up fire contractors in fighting grass and brush fires
  • The kit price savings can be adapted to mix and matches with various combinations of our portable fire pumps, hoses and nozzles
  • Total kit weighs approximately 25kg (55 lbs.)

Two Complete Porta Slip-on kits come complete with:

  • 417 L (110 US Gal.) collapsible tank, or the 570 L (150 US Gal). collapsible tank
    • Constructed using a 28oz. woven rip-stop material with a PVC coating for superior durability and long service life
    • Heat sealed or bolt-in fittings
    • Special feature flotation collar around the fill opening keeps filler above liquid level
    • 10 tie down straps
  • Ground Sheet for collapsible water tank
  • Wickman 100 high pressure fire pump. Superior performance among all pumps in it’s class
  • 7.5m (25') x 38mm (1.5") diameter fire attack hose with QC (Quick Connect) couplings
  • 25mm (1") diameter variable fog/straight stream nozzle
  • Shut-off valve, Intake hose, plus all required adapters
  • Heavy duty carrying bag made of 18 oz. PVC coated material with a heavy duty 2-way zipper

Part #421880129  110 gallon kit
Part #421880130  150 gallon kit