Pro-S Pressure Governor
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Pro-S Pressure Governor

The PRO S has replaced the older PRO series governors. New control electronics make the PRO S more reliable and dependable. New programming features include automatic compensation for both low and high pressures, and high pressure surge limiting while in RPM mode (an important safety addition). Larger color coded buttons are easier to see and operate.

Operating the pump is as easy as pushing a button, this governor acts like a 'cruise control' for the pump.

Designed especially for firefighters, the PRO Pressure Governor has gained a reputation for being very USER FRIENDLY. When operating in pressure mode (the default setting), the PRO will maintain a selected pressure setting regardless of the number of discharges that are opened as long as the system is capable of supplying the amount of water required. As more lines are opened, the PRO will raise the engine RPM automatically to maintain the required pressure. The PRO will reduce the engine RPM to maintain the required pressure when one or more of the discharges are closed down.

  • Simple to operate! The PRO interface was designed to be easy to use. The large, color coded, clearly marked buttons are easy to identify even in dim light.
  • Maintains constant pressure during pump operations even as more lines are added or taken away
  • Corrects for pressure changes faster than humanly possible
  • Automatic PRESET for swift pressure and RPM settings
  • Settings are displayed in large, bright digits
  • Proven reliability. The PRO has been in everyday use by departments across the nation since 1993. You can depend on the PRO
  • Engine idle when out of water. This feature requires a bit of explanation: The program initiates "prime RPM" ramping at an out of water condition. In other words, if you run out of water, the PRO will go to a safe "prime" speed to try to get the pressure back. Failing this, after 7 seconds, the PRO will bring the engine to IDLE.
  • Remote High Idle option
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with all common engines used in the fire service. This standardization allows you to create a simpler pumper training program because the same interface can be used regardless of engine type.

Part #654512100  Pressure governor kit for Cummins iS series engines