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The TankVision is the ultimate solution in water and foam volume monitoring. It uses a pressure sensor to sense the amount of liquid in the tank and can be calibrated to accurately display the volume in tanks of all shapes and sizes.

Ultra-Brite with 180° visibility. The nine super bright LEDs mount behind a unique wide view lens that allows the display to be visible and clearly read from all line-of-sight angles for a full 180 degrees.

The TankVision is available for water, class A foam, and class B foam tanks. Each display has a distinctive color and style. A single primary display can be connected to an unlimited number of color coded, full size remotes using the FRC datalink.

  • Flashing Warning when tank is below 25%
  • Down-Chasing LEDs alert operator when tank is almost empty
  • Self-Calibrating for any size or shape tank
  • Self Diagnostic capabilities
  • FRC Datalink allows for unlimited displays
  • Rugged Waterproof cast aluminum housing

The TankVision uses a pressure sensor that is mounted near the bottom of the tank. The sensor has a standard 0.25 inch NPT fitting. For use on tanks with walls less than 0.38 of an inch an optional thin wall adapter is available.

Foam Tank Vent
The TankVision class A and class B foam displays require that the FRC foam tank vent (provided with the foam display) is installed. These unique side or top mount foam tank vents are provided for use on sealed foam tanks. The pressure/vacuum vent is designed to open with less than 0.01 PSI difference between the inside and outside of the tank. The vents are self-draining to prevent splashing concentrate from entering he valve cavity and clogging the vent.

The TankVision miniature 5 LED displays are available for mounting inside the cab. These small displays take up very little panel space and are connected to the primary with one wire.

Part #654510120  Water display TankVision, primary indicator, 10' sensor cable
Part #654510122  Water display TankVision, remote indicator, 10' sensor cable
Part #654510124  Mini Water display TankVision
Part #654510126  Optional 20' sensor cable
Part #654510128  Optional 20' remote cable
Part #654510130  Water display TankVision, calibration magnet
Part #654510135  Foam display TankVision, Class A, kit with vent, 10' sensor cable
Part #654510138  Mini Foam display TankVision, Class A