Gorilla Dry-Chemical Vessel
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Williams Fire Gorilla 500lbs. PKW Dry-Chemical Vessel

The Gorilla™ 500 LB PKW Dry chemical pressure vessel is designed as a three-dimensional fire response tool with 30+lb per second powder flow capability. The pressure vessel is designed per ASME specifications. Powered by a common 400+ cubic foot Nitrogen bottle, the Gorilla can apply dry chemical using Hydro-Chem™ Ranger nozzles, Hydro-Chem™ Handguns (single, double, or even triple!), or Dual Agent Foam Chambers. This vessel will drive up to 600 feet of dry powder hose depending on hose size, number of lays, and the cylinder.

This product is a great resource for supplying hand line and trailer-mounted monitor attacks on event involving running or falling fuels and pressure fires.


  • 30+lbs. per second powder flow capability
  • 500lbs. PKW capacity
  • Pressure vessel designed per ASME specifications
  • 2.5" MNHT Discharge Connection
  • Applicable for fixed systems such as Dual Agent Foam Chambers
  • Applicable for large delivery devices such as Hydro-Chem™ Ranger nozzles
  • Applicable with Hydro-Chem™ Handguns (single, double, or even triple!)
  • Powered by compressed nitrogen cylinder mounted to skid
  • Drives up to 600' dry powder hose (depending on size, number of lays, and cylinder)
  • Easily transportable by forklift or crane
  • Easily mountable (to truck/trailer/etc.) via mounting holes in lower skid
  • Tank venting features
    • Relieves pressure from vessel easily and safely
    • Uses venting nitrogen to “pre-blowdown” hoses
  • Blowdown ability features
    • Uses pure nitrogen to ensure excess powder is cleared from hose after use
    • Much safer than blowdown sequence required by other dry chemical units
  • Valves clearly labeled on user friendly control panel
  • Operation and maintenance manual supplied with detailed instructions for operating with most end of line devices
  • Refill powder and replace nitrogen bottle in minutes for secondary attack!

Optional Accessories

  • 1.5" hose for handguns and low flow monitor nozzles
  • 1.75" hose for mid size monitor nozzles and dual agent chambers
  • 2.5" hose for LARGE volume dry chemical delivery
  • Hose rack for on-board hose storage
  • Collection manifolds for LARGE volume dry chemical delivery (up to 100lbs. PS)
  • Hydro-Chem™ Handguns (3-10lbs. per second interchangeable tips)
  • Hydro-Chem™ Ranger series dry chemical nozzles (up to 50lbs. PS)
  • Hydro-Chem™ Large volume nozzle packages (up to 100lbs. PS)
  • Available without nitrogen cylinder (customer supplied)
  • Available with reoriented discharge/control panel
  • Available with powder fill funnel or Williams’s Vac-U-Loader system
  • Available with “extended capacity” nitrogen bottle for extra long hose runs


  • 30" x 30" Skid base
  • 80" – Top of lifting device
  • 70" – Top of bottle cap
  • 830lbs. – Empty; 1,330lbs. – Filled with PKW
  • 1" Lifting eyes
  • 8"x4" Fork holes

Part #223010310  Gorilla Skid Base Unit with PKW
Part #223010315  Gorilla Skid Base Unit with PKW, 1.5" hose, 2.5"F NST x 1.5"M NST wye, & (2) Hydro-Chem Handguns