City of North Vancouver Pumper
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City of North Vancouver Fire Dept.

  • Arrow XT custom 4 door chassis with a 10" raised roof and a seating capacity of (5)
  • ULC & NFPA 1901-2009 edition tested and certified
  • Overall height of 10' 4" and overall length of 31' 2.75"
  • Detroit Diesel DD13, 500hp engine, 2013 emission spec with OBD and a 4.5 US gallon DEF tank
  • Allison Gen IV 4000 EVS P 6 speed automatic transmission with push button shifter
  • TAK-4 Independent front suspension
  • Wabco ABS Anti-lock brake system with Electronic Stability control and ATC
  • Onspot automatic chain system
  • Frontal Impact Occupant Protection package
  • Pierce Command Zone Advanced Electronics and Control system with a 7" colour display
  • 400 US gallon poly water tank
  • Waterous CSU 2,000 US gpm single stage pump
  • Husky 3 single agent foam system with refill capability, 40 US gallon foam cell and plumbed to (4) outlets
  • 52" side control style pumphouse with vertical actuated controls on all outlets
  • Will-Burt Night Scan Chief 7.5' DC light tower