TFT Metro I tip only - DEMO

1.5" NPSH inlet, no shutoff, comes with 10 flow discs.

SALE PRICE: $630.52

Part #465125205D

TFT Dual-Force Automatic Nozzle

A TFT Dual-Force is all conventional handline sizes in one. With a twist of the knob on the front of the nozzle, you can switch the Dual-Force to the low-pressure mode which immediately reduces the nozzle's operating pressure. With slide valve shut-off/pistol grip, 38mm (1.5in) NPSH, 95 - 300gpm, 100psi.

Regular price $1,425.24  SALE PRICE: $1,042.58

Part #463526100

TFT FoamJet MX Medium Expansion Attachment - DEMO

For Mid-Matic & Mid-force nozzles

SALE PRICE: $268.84

Part #465613105

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