Scott NxG7 SCBA - DEMO

Demo Scott NFPA 2.2 NxG7 SCBA with E-Z Flo, quick connect, EBSS, Pass Alarm and Pak-Tracker locator

SALE PRICE: $3,923.70

Part #559010610

Scott Air-Pak 75 SCBA

Used NFPA 2.2 Air-Paks with E-Z Flo regulator, 2216psi, with PASS, AV-3000 masks and Epic voice amp. 10 available.

SALE PRICE: $1,540.19

Part #590003962


Scott Cylinders

Used 2216 psi aluminum cylinders. 32 available.

SALE PRICE: $260.86

Part #590003963

Scott 30-minute Carbon Cylinder & Valve

Carbon wrapped, 30 min. duration, 2216 psi, Snap Change connection for NXG style packs

Regular price $771.83  SALE PRICE: $403.04

Part #559010445


Scott EZ-flo Regulator

EZ-flo regulator with vibralert and QD hose

SALE PRICE: $1,561.54

Part #559010541

Scott A/P Backframe/Harness Assembly

SALE PRICE: $1,092.39

Part #590004024

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