TFT Metro I tip only - DEMO

1.5" NPSH inlet, no shutoff, comes with 10 flow discs. 2 available.

SALE PRICE: $652.37

Part #465125205D

TFT Ultimatic Nozzle

The compact size and reduced weight of this automatic nozzle make it an outstanding performer. Features flush without shutting down, molded rubber bumper with "power fog" teeth, detent flow control, "Gasket Grabber" inlet screen and exclusive TFT slide valve. Slide valve shut-off/pistol grip, 25mm (1") NPSH, 10-125 gpm, 100psi.

Regular price $1,040.00  SALE PRICE: $858.08

Part #463510100

TFT G-Force Nozzle

One piece nozzle with slide valve, 38mm (1.5") NPSH, selectable gallonage 30/60/95/125/150 gpm @ 100 psi with pattern detent and spinning teeth.

Regular price $867.69  SALE PRICE: $569.22

Part #463514508

TFT VIT (Valve Integral Tip) Nozzle with Pistol Grip

Separate ball-type shutoff valve with built-in pistol grip mounted below valve body for use with tip only nozzles. Use the valve as a smooth bore at the selected outlet diameter. Six detent flow positions. 38mm (1.5") NPSH inlet/outlet, with 15/16" tip.

SALE PRICE: $353.36

Part #463552146D

Akron SabreJet Nozzle

Dual Shutoff SaberJet is Akron's original multi-purpose nozzle with both solid bore penetration and fog stream capability. It also gives you the ability to flow both at the same time. . Pistol grip/dual shut-off, 25mm (1in) NPSH, with 16mm (5/8in) orifice and 60gpm.

Regular price $1,482.56  SALE PRICE: $966.06

Part #465818097

TFT Sho-Flow Flow Meter - DEMO

Sho-Flow® electronic flow indicator includes a digital display of pressure and flow in one unit. Can be installed behind a nozzle or anywhere flow or pressure indication is required. 38mm,70 - 300 GPM, NPSH

SALE PRICE: $452.26

Part #463536135D 

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