Deluge LDH Supply Hose

Deluge LDH Supply Hose

Option Part# 421810105
Part# 303510100

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    Designed for high volume water supply where excellent friction loss, packability and cold temperature flexibility are critical. 


    • “LDH”supply hose

    • Supplying stand pipe systems

    • Supply stand alone portable hydrants

    • Pumper to pumper relay

    Features and Benefits:

    • Large diameter rubber layflat supply hose

    • These couplings also feature the Identify™ recessed area for color coding, bar coding and/or identification markings

    • Various threaded and other lightweight Storz couplings available

    • Remains flexible to -35º F (-36º C)

    • Carries a Five (5) Year Warranty

    • With iReflect™ technology couplings, Deluge™ carries a 2-10-L warranty (“2 year All Hazards”, “10 year against manufacturing defects” and “Lifetime against delamination”)


    Additional options upon request:

    • Available in other colors:  5” (125mm) orange, blue; 6” (150mm) orange

    • Available upgrade to gold anodized Storz couplings with I-Reflect locking levers.  

    • Other stenciling requests

    • ULC labeling must be requested if needed on the hose -only applicable to 4" (100mm) & 5" (125mm)

      Hose Size(Diameter)  

      Service Pressure  

      Pressure Test  

      Burst Pressure

    Weight 100' Uncoupled

    100' Coil Diameter 

      4" (100mm)  

      250 psi  

      500 psi  

      750 psi  

      75lbs. (34kg)  

      24" (61cm)  

      5" (125mm)    

      200 psi  400 psi  600 psi  97lbs. (44kg)  26.5" (67cm)

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    Specifications for Deluge LDH Supply Hose

    Hose Length 100mm (4") x 25ft Red or 100mm (4") x 25ft Yellow or 100mm (4") x 50ft Red or 100mm (4") x 50ft Yellow or 100mm (4") x 100ft Red or 100mm (4") x 100ft Yellow or 125mm (5") x 25ft Red or 125mm (5") x 25ft Yellow or 125mm (5") x 50ft Red or 125mm (5") x 50ft Yellow or 125mm (5") x 100ft Red or 125mm (5") x 100ft Yellow