5000psi Compressor Integrated System (Mini-KAT5)

5000psi Compressor Integrated System (Mini-KAT5)

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    Standard Features:

    • Horizontal type with vibration isolation of compressor and motor
    • Industrial “PLC” control of all compressor functions
    • High temperature shut down with audible alarm & indicator light
    • Manual or automatic operation selector switch
    • Pressure activated shut down transmitter, auto restart in auto mode
    • Hour meter for total compressor operational running hours
    • Power on indicator light to confirm electric power to the controls
    • Final separator cycle counter 
    • JP41 purifying system for Mini-100, & 120, capacity 28,000 cubic feet
    • Pressure maintaining valve
    • Final over pressure relief valve mounted on the final separator
    • CRN certified Automatic Condensate Drain System to drain accumulating compression liquids during operation and at shut down for disposal, complete with condensate reservoir
    • Condensate silent collection tank for compression liquids
    • Compressor mounted with a 3 SCBA fill station includes cascade valves
    • Three cylinder 4500 psig storage mounted behind fill station
    • All electrical components are CSA approved and the complete compressor electrical system is certified for use in Canada under the Jordair certificate number LR77799
    • B.C. Boiler and Pressure Vessels Branch contractors license No. MA-2007
    • The breathing air quality meets/exceeds the current CSA standard CAN3-Z180.1-00
    • Complete system includes the manifold and inter-connection of the compressor, air storage system and fill station
    • The system is designed to pass through a 36" door (34" opening) for easy installation in the Fire Hall.
    • For ease of service the filter system can be rear or side mounted.
    • Dimensions (H x W x D):  170cm x 175cm x 86cm

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    Specifications for 5000psi Compressor Integrated System (Mini-KAT5)

    Compressor psi 1-Phase 5hp (6.5 scfm) or 3-Phase 5hp (6.5 scfm) or 1-Phase 7.5hp (11 scfm) or 3-Phase 7.5hp (11 scfm) or 1-Phase 10hp (12.4 scfm) or 3-Phase 10hp (12.4 scfm)