Bullard Eclipse LDX X Factor Thermal Imaging Camera

Bullard Eclipse LDX X Factor Thermal Imaging Camera

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    Bullard Eclipse LDX X Factor Thermal Imaging Camera

    The new X Factor Series Thermal Imagers incorporate the latest advancement in infrared technology. Infused with Image Contrast Enhancement (ICE) technology, X Factor TIs provide the best image quality in the harshest, hottest environments so you can see details even before possible on firefighter thermal imagers. ICE Technology sharpens the distinction between objects and regions and optimizes the image for greater clarity.

    The small design, quality images and affordable price make the Eclipse LDX a must for every firefighter.


    • Ultra compact form and super lightweight

    • Improved, large glove-friendly, one button operation

    • ICE Image technology

    • 240 x 180 or 320 x 240 resolutions

    • Brightest LCD display

    • 1,200 degree dynamic range

    • Rechargable battery

    • Standard 5 Year Warranty

    • Now standard on the LDX is Super Red Hot colorization, highlighting high-heat scenes in brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red and temperature measurement in numeric and relative heat indicator formats

    Upgrade Program

    • If you already own a Bullard Thermal Imager call us to find out about our upgrade program. Get the X Factor clarity on your previously purchased Bullard.

    Accessories include:

    • Eclipse Powerhouse™ charger - The compact and durable Eclipse Powerhouse charger simultaneously charges the Eclipse Thermal Imager and spare battery. The Eclipse Powerhouse meets NFPA 1901 requirements and charges batteries in 2 hours.

    • Retractable strap - Designed to secure Eclipse to firefighter gear, the retractable strap helps keep your hands free and your thermal imager safe. In extreme conditions, the retractable strap keeps the thermal imager out of the way when crawling and working.

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for Bullard Eclipse LDX X Factor Thermal Imaging Camera

    TIC Options Camera Only & desktop charger or Bundle (Camera, Powerhouse truck mount charger and Spare battery)
    TIC Resolution 240 x 180 or 320 x 240
    TIC Charger Not included unless you select the Bundle
    Warranty 5 yr mfg detects (freight is customer's responsibility)
    Colour Yellow or Blue or Red or Metallic Blue or Lime