Scotty "Pincher" Dual Pattern Nozzle

Scotty "Pincher" Dual Pattern Nozzle

Part# 590001216

    Scotty Pincher dual pattern forestry nozzle, w/ pistol grip and shut-off 38mm (1.5in) NPSH (RED)

    Scotty "Pincher" Dual Pattern Nozzle

    The Scotty “Pincher” Nozzle is a flexible tipped nozzle that the user can simply squeeze between the fingers to change the spray pattern from a straight stream to a fan or slot pattern.

    The “Pincher” Nozzle is manufactured from glass-reinforced, engineering grade polymers. Using this material makes the Scotty "Pincher" very lightweight, extremely durable and absolutely corrosion proof.

    The nozzle can be used with Class A or Class B foams, but is not designed to generate the type of bubble structure typical of Scotty air-aspirating foam nozzles.

    The nozzle comes with 1.5" Female NP threads or NHT threads. Also comes with a stream straightener to decrease flow turbulence and increase the reach of stream. It is rated for pressures up to 200 psi.

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