Auto Pump Timer #091-150

Auto Pump Timer #091-150

Auto Pump Timer #091-150

Part# 590002741

    The Auto Pump Timer limits the duty cycle of the 12 volt Auto Pump to 1 hour running and 1 hour "OFF". Normally the pressure switch on the Auto Pump turns the pump "ON" when it senses a low pressure and turns the pump "OFF" when the pressure has recovered. If a failure in the vehicle's air system creates a high leakage, the pump will run continuously. This continuous running can overheat the pump and cause excessive wear. The Auto Pump Timer limits the run time to 1 hour and provides a 1-hour cool-down period between operating cycles. The timer does not interfere with the normal operation of the pump and its pressure switch


    • 30A contacts

    • Reduces Auto Pump heating

    • Extends pump life

    • Completely automatic

    • Easy installation

    • 3 year warranty  

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