Bullard QXT Thermal Imaging Camera

Bullard QXT Thermal Imaging Camera

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Part# 590002923

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    Bullard QXT Thermal Imaging Camera

    The Bullard QXT is designed not only for long-lasting service on the front line but also low total cost of ownership in the back office. It is purpose-built for today’s fire service including the industry’s:

    • Longest battery run time

    • Best image quality

    • Most desired form factor

    • First wireless charging systems

    • Proven durability

    • Leading warranty

    Outstanding Performance

    The image clarity you have come to expect from the X Factor Family is further refined in the QXT. Equipped with an ultra-high performance LCD display that greatly increases brightness and contrast, the QXT lets firefighters see more clearly in smoke and direct sunlight. Bullard’s QXT can exceed eight hours of continuous run time for the ultimate performance in fire conditions.


    • 240 x 180 resolution

    • Optional 320 x 240 resolution upgrade (590002507)

    • Super Red Hot colourization

    • Optional Electronic Thermal Throttle®

    • Optional 2x/4x digital zoom

    • Works with SceneCatcher Digital Video Recorder to capture video and still images

    • Compact and ergonomically designed for the fire service

    • Power button easy to operate with a gloved hand

    • Wireless charging systems are compact, simple, and allow for easy continuous use

    • 5 year warranty on imager and battery

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    Specifications for Bullard QXT Thermal Imaging Camera

    TIC Options Camera, internal battery & desktop charger or Bundle (Camera, internal battery & truck mount charger
    TIC Resolution 240 x 180
    TIC Charger Wireless Desktop Charger included (Truck mount)
    Warranty 5 yr mfg detects (freight is customer's responsibility)
    Certified NFPA Certified
    Colour Yellow or Blue or Red or Metallic Blue or Lime