LDH Gated Wye

LDH Gated Wye

LDH Gated Wye

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Part# 710000487

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    The LDH Gated Wye is a lightweight, low friction-loss valve that can be used in many water distribution applications. Dual robust valve mechanisms from the TFT Ball Intake Valve are streamlined to a large waterway for the ultimate in versatility. Valve seats are field replaceable, devices include a 300 PSI pressure gauge and quarter turn air vent and drain valve. Two robust carrying handles make for easy deployment. A polymer bearing ring prevents galvanic corrosion on LDH couplings.

    • Rugged lightweight aluminum alloy casting with durable powder coat finish inside and out
    • Anodized couplings¬†
    • A pressure gauge is mounted on top of the wye
    • Weight 37.1 lbs

    Available upon request:

    • Pressure relief valve

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    Specifications for LDH Gated Wye

    Thread Size 100mm (4") Storz x Two (2) 100mm (4") Storz or 125mm (5") Storz x Two (2) 125mm (5") Storz