Chinook Portable 500gpm Monitor only

Chinook Portable 500gpm Monitor only

Chinook Portable 500gpm Monitor only

Option Part# 421810105
Part# 710002682

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    • Flow up to 500 GPM (1,900 LPM)

    • Movement range: 20° horizontal travel either side & 20-60° vertical travel (manned).

    • Highly maneuverable

    • Simple & quick attack operation. Operates like a handline while delivering higher volumes of water.

    • Compact size & light weight

    • Aluminum alloy body.

    • Epoxy coating  exterior.

    • Low-profile design for stable operation.

    • Carbide tip spikes on the base provide long term wear resistance & ground stability.

    • Large handle for easy carry transport

    • Ball shut-off locking handle

    • A comprehensive range of water and self educting foam master nozzles are available for any application. 

    • Inlet: 65mm (2.5'') BAT thread (other threads available upon request)

    • Discharge Outlet: 65mm (2.5'') BAT  (NHT threads available upon request)

    • Dimensions:

      • Stowed: 16'' L x 8'' W x 9'' H

      • Deployed: 17'' L x 22.5'' W x 9'' H

    • Weight: 15 lbs (6.7 kg)

    *Add for Nozzle and/or outlet adapter if required*

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for Chinook Portable 500gpm Monitor only

    Inlet Type 65mm (2.5") BAT or 65mm (2.5") WCT