Sidewinder Scissor Lift

Sidewinder Scissor Lift

    Sidewinder Features:

    • Specifically Designed Scissor Operation for Rescue Work

    • Enclosed Threaded Rod

    • Roller Bearings for Smooth Action

    • Wide Base – Polymer Coated Bottom

    • Tilting Head for Angled Adjustment

    • Permanent Attached Four Point Conical Head and Interchangeable Flat Head with Textured Surface

    • Flat Head attaches on top of Pointed Head with 6lb. magnet and can be secured on Strut

    • Can be Used in Remote Applications with 0.5” Drive Extension Bars

    • Pivoting Carry Handle

    • Rated at WWL of 7,500 lbs.

    • Third party tested to 15,000lbs.

    • Lifts from 5.25” to 13.25” (13cm to 34cm)

    • Attached Clevis for Securing with Ratchet Strap

    • Can be Operated Manually or with Power Tools (sold separately)

    • Can be used for quick 2 or 4 point stabilization. The Sidewinder eliminated the need to deflate the tires by releasing the weight on the suspension. This accomplishes a partial or total lift with ease.

    • Primarily designed for automobile use, but can also be used in rescue operations including USAR and special operations

    • When used in conjunction with other stabilization devices, the Sidewinder's pivoting heads can adjust  to sloping angles for quick action. Tethered to a strut, a vehicle can be lifted using the Sidewinder

    Package Includes:

    • (1) Sidewinder

    • (1) Combination Flat Head and Pointed Head

    • (1) Speedy Wrench

    • (1) Universal Wrench