Glass Knife Kit 2

Glass Knife Kit 2

    Drill included

    Cut fast with constant control and little effort. The Glass Knife is a laminated glass cutter that fits any drill. Kit 2 includes everything in Kit 1 plus a 12V drill, two batteries and a charger so you are never without power!

    • Chips and dust you see in the video are ejected outside of the vehicle by design

    • 80% of debris are ejected outside the vehicle. Compared to a saw where half goes inside and half goes outside

    • We found the ability to articulate the drill and the head priceless when maneuvering around corners, bent steel and A-Posts, just swing the drill handle out of the way and in a comfortable position for the operator.

    • The blades on this device are hardened steel and an Interference fit, that means the dust and chips do not fall between the blades and the blades don't wear out. We cut the equivalent of 68 windshields with our test unit and didn't wear the blades at all.

    • Hardened steel blade

    Kit Includes:

    • Glass Knife Head

    • Bag

    • Pry Bar

    • 5 – N95 Dust Mask

    • Safety Glasses

    • Can of Wetting Agent

    • M12 Drill

    • Lithium Ion Batteries

    • AC Charger

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