TFT Sho-Flow 1 Flow Meter

TFT Sho-Flow 1 Flow Meter

Part# 710002957

    1.5” (38 mm) Bluetooth water meter

    TFT SHO-FLOW 1 Flow Meter

    The SHO-FLOW® 1 Bluetooth® is a water flow meter that is designed for installation in between any two lengths of hose with 1.5” (38 mm) couplings. Any firefighting, training, or testing operation that utilizes hose lines or nozzles is an application for a Show-Flow 1 Bluetooth flow meter. 

    The SHO-FLOW® 1 Bluetooth® has no wires to connect and no batteries are needed. The flow meter has an unobstructed water driven turbine that passes debris up to 1” (25 mm) in diameter. Starting at a flow rate of 50 gpm (200 l/min), the water driven turbine self generates power to create a Bluetooth connection to any smart device that displays the flow rate in real time. 

    The flow rate is user specified in GPM, L/min, or L/sec.  The SHO-FLOW® 1 Bluetooth® App is available to download for free through Apple or Android app stores. The app allows user specified flow rates, calibration, and diagnostics.

    • Full Flow Range:

      • 50 to 300 gpm

      • 200 to 1150 lpm

      • 3.33 lps to 19.16 lps

    • Know your water flow application rate with a +/-2.5% accuracy

    • Use with any nozzle type

    • Use with any hose line with 1.5” (38mm) couplings

    • BlueTooth connection uses a unique SHO-FLOW ID

    • Set your flow reading for GPM, LPM or LPS

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