Scotty Throw Rope Bag

Scotty Throw Rope Bag

Scotty Throw Rope Bag

Part# 710003112

    Scotty Rescue Rope Throw Bag

    The Scotty Rescue Rope Bag is the answer for the need of an effective, affordable rescue throwing rope. The unit comes in a self-contained, soft fabric bag in a bright orange color.

    • Includes 50 feet (15m) of 9/32" (7mm) braided polypropylene, floating rope

    • Rope has a test strength of 660 lb (300kg)

    • Bag is self-draining and includes built-in float

    • Bright orange nylon and polyester bag with 3M™ reflective band

    • Bag comes complete with adjustable, quick re-lease, buckle strap for fast deployment

    • Weighs 12.5oz. (350g)


    1. Open draw string

    2. Grasp or secure hand loop with the non-throwing arm

    3. Throw bag over and past victim's position

    4. Slowly draw rope back in, as close to victim as possible, allow victim to grasp rope and hold on

    5. Careful pull victim to safety

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series