LDH Plain Wye - No Gates - TFT

LDH Plain Wye - No Gates - TFT

LDH Plain Wye - No Gates - TFT

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Part# 710004035

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    4-5" Storz Swivel Coupling to Two 4-5" Storz Swivel Couplings series, Jumbo Wye, The same construction as the Jumbo Siamese, but without the clapper. Maximum operating pressure for the jumbo wye is 300 psi (20bar). Meets the 900 psi (62bar) hydrostatic strength test. The aluminum castings are hardcoat anodized and powder coat finished inside and out for maximum corrosion protection. Rugged carrying handle included. Three strategically placed legs allow the appliance to sit off the ground even with a 6" Storz on inlet/outlet. Hose couplings are attached using polymer bearing rings, providing electrical isolating to help prevent galvanic corrosion.


    • 100mm (4") - 18.5lbs (8.39kg)

    • 125mm (5") - 18.9lbs (8.57kg)

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for LDH Plain Wye - No Gates - TFT

    Thread Size 100mm (4") Storz x Two (2) 100mm (4") Storz or 125mm (5") Storz x Two (2) 125mm (5") Storz