Chinook Portable 500gpm Monitor Package

Chinook Portable 500gpm Monitor Package

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Part# 710004481

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    • Flow up to 500 GPM (1,900 LPM)

    • Movement range: 20° horizontal travel either side & 20-60° vertical travel (manned).

    • Highly maneuverable

    • Simple & quick attack operation. Operates like a handline while delivering higher volumes of water.

    • Compact size & light weight

    • Aluminum alloy body.

    • Epoxy coating  exterior.

    • Low-profile design for stable operation.

    • Carbide tip spikes on the base provide long term wear resistance & ground stability.

    • Large handle for easy carry transport

    • Ball shut-off locking handle

    • A comprehensive range of water and self educting foam master nozzles are available for any application. 

    • Inlet: 65mm (2.5'') BAT & WCT thread (other threads available upon request)

    • Discharge Outlet: 65mm (2.5'') BAT

    • Dimensions:

      • Stowed: 16'' L x 8'' W x 9'' H

      • Deployed: 17'' L x 22.5'' W x 9'' H

    • Weight: 15 lbs (6.7 kg)


    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for Chinook Portable 500gpm Monitor Package

    Product Style with MaxForce BAT Nozzle or with MaxForce WCT Nozzle or with Triple Stacked BAT Tips or with Triple Stacked WCT Tips or with Frontier Automatic BAT Nozzle or with Frontier Automatic WCT Nozzle