Avon AirSwitch Facemask SCBA

Avon AirSwitch Facemask SCBA

Avon AirSwitch Facemask SCBA


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    Avon AirSwitch Facemask, NFPA 2013 CBRN

    A Facemask Like No Other: The Avon AirSwitch Facemask delivers the highest level of air management. The integrated regulator provides excellent field of vision. A built-in air switch allows you to instantly switch from ambient air to cylinder air.

    • Optically correct, double curve visor with widest field of view
    • Integrated, low profile AirSwitch™ reduces snag hazards while delivering controllable air
    • Built in microphone and Heads Up Display (HUD) requiring no additional batteries

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    Specifications for Avon AirSwitch Facemask SCBA

    Product Size Small or Medium or Large