BlitzForce Portable Monitor with Nozzle & Storage Bracket

BlitzForce Portable Monitor with Nozzle & Storage Bracket


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    The BlitzForce is one of Task Force Tips’ innovative, lightweight, and highly versatile portable attack monitors. Rated up to 500gpm, BlitzForce integrates a low loss waterway with positive locking valve control, and a corrosion preventing anodized and powder coat finish. An exclusive high strength tie-down strap and carbide tipped folding legs offer extreme stability in varying fire environments.

    With an integral stream shaper for superior reach and penetration performance, the BlitzForce delivers a 20 degree side to side (40 degree total) and a 20 degree to 60 degree up and down range of stream motion. A five year warranty, stainless steel apparatus mounting bracket, and your choice of combination nozzle or stacked tips are standard.

    • 14.5lbs. (6.6kg)

    • Stowed size: 19"l x 9"w x 12" (49cm x 23 cm x 30cm)

    • 26" wide when deployed

    • 2" (51mm) waterway

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for BlitzForce Portable Monitor with Nozzle & Storage Bracket

    Monitor Nozzle Options 3 stacked tips (1", 1.25", 1.5") or 500gpm fixed gallonage nozzle
    Monitor Rating 500gpm
    Monitor Flow 20-60 degrees vertical range of stream motion, 20 degrees left and right of center
    Monitor Weight 14.5lbs (6.6kg)
    Available with High Elevation N/A
    Monitor Feature Standard
    Manufacturer TFT (Task Force Tools)
    Warranty 5 yr mfg detects (freight is customer's responsibility)
    Monitor Size 19"L x 12"H x 9"W stow size / 19"L x 12"H x 26"W deployed
    Safety Feature An anchor strap only
    Thread Type BAT or WCT or NHT or NPSH