Breathing Air Fill Station

Breathing Air Fill Station

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    "DF" Series Fill Station

    Standard Features:

    The “DF” series SCBA recharging system is a free standing and complete filling/defragmentation station for 2,216 or 4,500 psig cylinders. The SCBA refilling station is of a fully enclosed design to contain a SCBA cylinder failure or ruptured SCBA fill hose.
    • The Jordair “DF” series fill stations are the safest the filling stations offered in Canada for the containment and recharging of SCBA cylinders
    • A fully enclosed SCBA containment system that encloses both the SCBA cylinders and the filling hoses with a sliding front access door. The door must be closed and locked before SCBA cylinders can be recharged
    • The toggle activated valve stops air flow to the filling points when the door is opened
    • The new door design for the fill stations is simple to operate and very user friendly. The spring lock system provides complete security when filling
    • The front access door is plated steel for optimum operator safety
    • The front access door is held in the closed position by a spring loaded pin type door lock
    • Heavy wall schedule 80 steel 8" pipe used to contain the SCBA cylinders within the recharge station
    • Anti-abrasion collars and liners in the SCBA containment sleeves to protect the exterior of the SCBA cylinders from abrasion damage during the filling process
    • 6000 psig inlet shut off valve to isolate the recharging station from the compressor and air storage cylinders
    • One anodized aluminum, self-venting and adjustable regulator with operating pressures from 0 to 6000-psig inlet and 0 to 6000 psig outlet pressures
    • Self-venting regulator comes complete with 4" inlet and discharge pressure gauges, gauges are rated for 7500 psig. Gauges read in both the SI and the Imperial System of units.
    • 2½" pressure gauges for 2216 or 4500 psig filling, installed for each fill outlet to indicate SCBA recharge pressure. Gauges are rated for 6000 psig and read in both the SI and the Imperial System of units
    • Panel mounted SCBA cylinder shut off valves for 2216 or 4500 psig fill positions.
    • SCBA recharge assemblies are supplied for 2216 or 4500 psig filling
    • A CRN certified adjustable safety relief valve is set for 2400 or 4700 psig to protect the filling of the 2216 or 4500 psig SCBA
    • All recharge hose assemblies are equipped with restriction orifices set to the CSA Z94.4 rate of 300 psig per minute, to control filling speed. When a cascade system is used, this prevents rapid SCBA cylinder expansion and significant pressure drop due to the compression heat created during a rapid refilling situation.
    • The fill station has easy access for the service of the pressure components
    • The fill station is manufactured to CSA regulation Z180.1-00 and CSA Z94.4
    • All electrical components are CSA approved and the complete electrical system is certified for use in Canada under the Jordair certificate number LR77799
    • B.C. Boiler and Pressure Vessels contractors license No. MA 2007
    • The main pressure components: safety relief valve and fittings have CRN (Canadian Registration Numbers) as issued by the Canadian Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety Branch
    • Protection for the SCBA fill station system is as follows: structural steel frame and panels are sand blasted and degreased. The frame and panels are then hot-acid dip cleaned, powder coated and baked, colour code is HT212B8 blue.
    • All pressure piping shall be to ASME code B31.1 and B31.3
    • As per NFPA 1901 regulation the manufacturer of the enclosed air refill station tested a standard production model. The test included pressurizing a 1-hour SCBA cylinder rated at a gauge pressure of 4500 psig (31,026 kPa) to failure. If the system provides for simultaneously refilling multiple cylinders, the other chambers contain air cylinders of equal size filled to a gauge pressure of 4500 psig (31,026 kPa) during the test.
    • The testing proved that the air refill station is capable of containing all fragments of a failed
    • cylinder to protect the operator and not rupture cylinders in adjacent chambers and proved that the venting provisions are adequate to direct the concussive release of air away from the operator
    • All test results are certified by an independent Canadian third-party testing organization

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    Specifications for Breathing Air Fill Station

    Product Quantity 2 bottles or 3 bottles or 4 bottles
    Pressure Rating 2216/3000 psig or 4500 psig