Bullard PBH99 Hood w/ Stedair PREVENT

Bullard PBH99 Hood w/ Stedair PREVENT

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    Particulate Barrier Hood

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    The Bullard PBH99 Hood is your front-line protection against the hazards you don't see, helping to block potentially carcinogenic particulates on the fire scene. The hood meets NFPA 1971, 2018 Edition. 


    • Gives firefighters confidence that over 99% of the carcinogenic particulates found on the fire scene are being blocked, while allowing air to flow through the hood.

    • Interior Trilaminate Layer: materials are Nomex, Lenzing, and Stedair PREVENT for on-scene protection

    • Exterior Layer: 20% Nomex, 80% Lenzing

    • Built-in barricade to toxic carcinogenic smoke particles for protection around the head, neck, shoulders and transfers hear away from the firefighter's face.

    • Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) of 20.4 cal/cm2 while maximizing the Total Heat Loss (THL) of 407.5 W/m2

    • Heavy-Duty ½” elastic sewn into the face opening. Form fitting material allows for a comfortable fit and expands to hug facial features

    • Seven panel design gives you a more comfortable and secure fit around the head, neck, and shoulders to prevent excessive bunching

    • Reinforced flatlock stitching

    • 24’’ in length

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    Specifications for Bullard PBH99 Hood w/ Stedair PREVENT

    Product Size Medium/Large or X-Large