Carry-Lite 38mm (1.5") Fire Hose

Carry-Lite 38mm (1.5") Fire Hose


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    Our most flexible, lightweight, low drag coefficient, and snag resistant, high rise attack hose.

    • Premium all synthetic double jacket

    • Lightweight and easy to advance, yet rugged to suit RIT and high rise fire fighting

    • Highly flexible and snag resistant because of unique inner bonding process of the outer jacket, which locks the outer fibers in place

    • Patented Mertex® lining process produces an amazingly smooth inner waterway, yielding an extremely low friction loss for maximum flow

    • Available with Permatek™ treatment, in a variety of colours, for greater visibility, abrasion resistance, and reduction of moisture absorption through the jacket

    • Resistant to most chemicals, petrol products, ozone and UV exposure, hydrolysis, rot and mildew

    • Complete with Way-Out couplings (add for identification tabs if needed)


    Hose Size (Diameter

    Service Pressure

    Proof Pressure

    Burst Pressure

    Coil Diameter/50'

    Weight/50' Uncoupled

    1.5" (38mm)300 psi600 psi900 psi12" (30cm)10.5 lbs. (4.8kg)

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for Carry-Lite 38mm (1.5") Fire Hose

    Hose Length 50ft or 100ft or 75ft
    Hose Colour Red or Yellow or Green or White
    Hose Thread NPSH
    Hose service test pressure 300psi
    Hose Coupling Options Aluminum coupling or Aluminum Threaded w/ Wayout reflective coupling or Gold Anodized Threaded w/ Wayout reflective coupling
    Manufacturer Mercedes Textile