Deluge LDH 100mm (4") Supply Hose

Deluge LDH 100mm (4") Supply Hose

    Deluge is a lightweight flexible fire hose designed for high volume supply. The optimized design results in minimum friction loss. This third generation product is built from specially formulated synthetic Nitrile rubber to produce excellent resistance to fuels, chemicals, oils, heat and environmental pollutants. It is impervious to molds, mildew and other airborne organisms. Deluge Supply Hose is specifically designed to be maintenance free so it can just be wiped down and returned to service. Hose is available in red and yellow. Also available with gold anodized Storz couplings with I-Reflect locking levers.

    Hydrowick Gold Anodized Storz Coupling with I-Reflect Lock Levers also available:

    • Patent-pending I-Reflect Lock Lever with recessed highly reflective material combined with the patent-pending Recessed Directional Arrow, are an important safety innovation
      • Provides rapid identification of the coupling lock location
      • Highly reflective material reflects toward any light source
      • Recessed concept provides protection against damage (abrasion, coupling wrench)
      • Greatly enhances visibility to firefighters and oncoming traffic
      • Brightly coloured lock lever
    • Lock protector technology protects the lock lever mechanism against damage
    • Patent pending engraved reflective arrow, located 180 degrees from the lock lever
      • Points to the location of the lock
      • Greatly enhances visibility to oncoming traffic
      • Points in the direction of rotation to engage (lock) the couplings
    • Patent-pending Identify recessed area identification coding system
    • Anodized process provides added resistance to abrasion, wear, salt and corrosion
    • Available in 4"  (100mm) size

      Hose Size(Diameter)  

      Service Pressure  

      Pressure Test  

      Burst Pressure

    Weight 100' Uncoupled

    100' Coil Diameter 

      4" (100mm)  

      250 psi  

      500 psi  

      750 psi  

      75lbs. (34kg)  

      24" (61cm)  

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    Specifications for Deluge LDH 100mm (4") Supply Hose

    Length 25ft or 50ft or 100ft
    Hose Colour Yellow or Red
    Standard Coupling Aluminum Threaded